Friday, 20 July 2007


i'm so new to this blogger site.
i thought i could share some knowledge with all the readers.
but somehow i end up writing rubbish.
i know reading is always the key to improve writing.
for now, i couldn't find some time to do so.
i'm not busy with my classes but everything with the house chaos make me feel disturbed.
i hardly concentrate on my life.
i have loadss of thing in my mind.
long list of things i want to do.
the summary of all what i want is to be better in my life.
i kept thinking about what i'm gonna be in the next few years.
not actually thinking about my future..but thinking about what kind of person will i be.
what kind of muslim?
i must say i hate myself rite now.
i hate the way i behave. the kind of muslim i am rite now.
i wanna be the kind of child my parents will be proud of.
oh my... you must be bored!
i kept on using the word 'I'! see..this is rubbish!