Friday, 26 November 2010

pre - november baby

lama tak aku menyepi?
hehe. ada je kat sini.
cuma sedang mengejar deadline.
tak dapat curi2 masa kat ofis.
ada nak buat entry pasal hari ini.
tapi nanti dulu la ek.
check out the updated version soon ok?
till then, selamat berhujung minggu semua! :)

Friday, 12 November 2010


sharing is giving.
sharing is caring.
sharing is loving.
saja nak sharing2 dengan korang.
tanda aku sayang korang.

(picture courtesy of

jangan suka main jentik-jentik.
nanti makan dalam.

read here, you'll know what i meant :

p/s: mana lagi bahaya? "jentik" ke jentik-jentik?

Thursday, 11 November 2010


boleh tak nak putus asa hari ni?
tapi janji esok akan bersemangat balik..
boleh tak?

.give me a BREAK.

seriously need a break from all this.

p/s: dah tau dah jawapan dia tak boleh. saja je tanya.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Match Box

“I don’t smoke but I keep a match box in my pocket.
When my heart slips towards a sin,
I burn a match stick and heat my palm.
Then I say to myself, ‘Ali You can’t bear even this heat,
how would you bear the unbearable heat of Hell?”

- Mohammad Ali

an old friend of mine posted this in her fb
i wonder
how many of us
could actually come across this "match-box" mind
whenever he/she are about to do something wrong
something sinful
or whatever you name it
i think not many could actually "lit up" the matches
probably they would
but only after they commit the crime
or maybe after they were caught on action
pathetic isn't it?
so friends lets teach our mind
most importantly our heart
to "burn a match stick"
and "heat your palm" (i meant literally...)
because no one could withstand the torment of Hell fire
even the legendary boxer can't
also the one whose made up of fire

p/s: to all girls/woman, please take a look at this website, join if u want to, and share your thoughts so that people around the world could get your message. try it, its fun! :)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

that voice!

running in the rain
so you won't see me cry
hiding behind the shadow
so i don't feel so hollow
i heard that voice
the voice i longed to hear back then
over and over again
till i could feel the pain
it repeats in my mind
makes me stumped
strike me out right
there it reminds me of me
of a younger me
someone i left for years
someone who left me for years
someone whose happy without me
someone whom i gloom without

~raindrops keep falling on my head~

i have a past. everyone does. but there's a part of my past that if i could bring it to the future, i would never be grateful enough.

hey you who left me in this sorrow, come back to me. i won't be mad. i promise.

p/s: i used to love writing poem. i still do now. believe it? or not? ^_^

Monday, 1 November 2010

summer november

hey its november already.
certain people should know why i love november.
for me, november pictures the summer.
not that I've experienced the summer itself.
(coz I've been nowhere except in this humid, tropical country, since like ages)
I just feel like it.
the refreshing summer.
the warmth and cozy.
the happy thoughts.
the giggles.
the hide and seek.
yada yada.
the list goes on.
this time, november comes along with the hajj season
another reason to be grateful
to see muslims all around the world
attending the annual pilgrimage
and fulfilling the fifth pillar of Islam
insyaAllah, I'll be registering for my hajj soon.
hoping to be in the waiting list for the next couple of years.
lets pray friends.
so that we'll get the sacred invitation from Allah. :)

they said its impossible for us to be organized like this in less than 5 minutes.
nothings impossible if Allah's will.

oh here some booster for all of you, enjoy!