Tuesday, 25 March 2008


well..as usual kene tag ngn my bestie fren, cik Mai. huhu.. tak pernah aku tag dia..asek dia je tag aku..

Link to your tagger and post these rules.
- List (8) random facts about yourself and
- Tag (8) people.

First Name – Awanis
Nickname – Abby, Awan, Wanis
Name you wish you had – used to wish for Anita like my elders.now not nemore. I love my name!
What do people normally mistake your name as- it surprised me a lot that no one had ever mistaken my name. I couldn’t remember if there’s any.
Birthday-26 Nov 1987
Birthplace – kuantan, pahang.
Time of Birth – 11.30 am.
Single or taken – single n lovin’ it
Zodiac sign - sagittarius

How tall are you – 163 cm
Wish you were taller – yes
Eye color – dark brown.
Eye color you want – green but dark brown is ok.
Natural Hair color – black
Current Hair color - black
Short or long hair – it’s a secret unrevealed. :P
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color – neva!
Curly,Straight,Wavy – wavy~~~
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair – December last year.not so dramatic but…ehehe..
Glasses or contacts – contacts during the day, glasses during the night
Do you wear make-up – no. on special occasion only
Ever had hair extensions – neva!
Paint your nails – only henna allowed

What color eyes – any color oso can.hehe.
What color hair – black or dark brown
Shy or Outgoing –I prefer the shy one
Looks or personality – personality
Sexy or Cute – kawaii is a must! Hihi.
Serious or Fun – serious. But not too serious. Must atleast have some sense of humor.
Older or Younger than you – older or by the same age
A turn on – sweet smile and beautiful hand.hurm.
A turn off – perasan hensem. Wpun mmg ensem. Haha.

Flowers or Chocolate – flowers.roses.white.
Pepsi or Coke – coke
Rap or Rock – slow rock
Relationship or One night stand – relationship[
School or Work – confuse?
Love or Money – love. Money destroys life!
Movies or Music – music
Country or City – City. I’m a town girl. But I one day I would like to settle down in the country side.
Sunny or Rainy days – depends on the situation.
Friends or Family – family comes first

Lied – pernah. Terpaksa.
Stole something – erk.pernah.time kecik2.
Smoked – once.time kecik2 gk.tak sedap~
Hurt someone close to you – hurm.yes.so sorry~
Broke someone’s heart – yes, I never forget this.
Had your heart broken – yes and haven’t overcome it yet *sigh*
Wondered what was wrong with you – always
Wish you were a prince/princess – yeah, there’s that time.
Liked someone who was taken – oooh. Hate to say yes.
Shaved your head – nope.
Been in love - yes
Used chopsticks – expert nih
Sang in the mirror to yourself – haha.mestilah pernah.
Ever cried over someone – yes. Long ago and safely kept in my life history book.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself – yeah. I would like to have Einstein’s brain. and Pablo Picasso hand.
Do you think you’re attractive – erkkk. *shy*
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose – sleeping beauty. I always thought people look cute when they woke up from sleep. ;D
Do you play any sports – yeah. Tennis. And recently into yoga. Basketball.

Flower – roses.
Candy – white chocolate Ritter Sport
Song – I don’t really care about the type of the song. I only care about the lyrics and mostly how it blends to the song.
Scent – moon flower by the body shop
Color – green
Movie – fictions, romantic comedy, action
Singer – Kelly clarkson
Words – eh? Aish!
Junk food – cheezel.
Website – saifulislam.com
Lotion – nivea whitening
Animal – kucing. my Kiut n my Miut.

nak tag sape??

argh maleh nk pikir..huhuuh..rules are made to be broken!! yeah!!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

.jalan yang lurus.

Kenapa sejak akhir-akhir ni aku kerap menangis?

Mungkin aku agak tertekan dengan kehidupan.

Dengan kerja yang tak pernah berkurang.

Dan fikiran yang tak pernah bertenang.

Di saat-saat ada kelapangan waktu begini, aku selalu bertanya,

“Aku hidup untuk siapa? dan demi apa?”

Jawapannya mudah. Tanyalah siapa saja, semua pasti tahu.

Tapi aku pingin tahu “Mengapa?”

Memang aku menerimanya kerana aku percaya.

Tapi kedudukannya begitu goyah dihatiku.

Rapuh dek kepesatan dunia.

Yang penuh hiburan dan kelalaian.

Aku ingin merasa nikmatnya sekelumit hidayah itu.

Agar aku bisa melupakan keseronokan dunia.

Bisa melupakan kekecewaanku.

Terhadap janji-janji palsu.

Lantas itu sebabnya aku menangis.

Aku terlalu terdesak untuk mengetahui maknanya aku dicipta di Bumi ini.

Usia yang semakin meningkat menekan aku agar cepat tersedar dari lamunan.

Aku tidak sabar untuk menunggu tibanya detik itu.

Agar aku boleh cepat mengorak langkah.

Menyusunnya satu persatu di jalan yang lurus.

Monday, 17 March 2008

life is making sense again

The busyness I experienced through out this semester adds another wonderful color to my life. I realized that I lost myself since the past ten years and at that time I’m like a baby who’s trying to learn how to walk and talk again even I’m already expert on those. I live in my own world of misery and I just have a hole in my heart, that I felt the emptiness though I had a happy family and loyal friends beside me. Sins that I did and regretted and the Taubah I performed ‘on and off’ are the reasons I hate myself and it makes me keep the real me inside. I’m ashamed of myself and since I don’t want anybody to see the bad side of me, I tried hard to never do a wrongdoing and it was so tiring regretting and starting all over again – believe me, I’ve tried.

Now, with my responsibilities, I don’t have the time to do and think about other things other than my homework, projects, club activities etc. It surprised me a lot that I love the busyness I had, though its tiring and all my energy were squeezed till the last drop. Aish. But… is it true that busy people doesn’t have a life? *tsk* I’m enjoying my busyness yet I have to admit those sayings are true.

Every day before I went to bed, I usually forgot the prayer I used to recite. My mind won’t stop thinking about what to do tomorrow, the works that to be done, places I must go, people I need to meet etc etc.. And waking up these days was always like “Ah! Today I need to submit this and that!” Even in the morning I’ve started to scheduling things in my mind even with the simplest thing ever like.. I cannot always go back and forth into my room to do certain thing coz its wasting time..so everything I do I’ll said to myself “Am I done here? Do I need to do anything else?” Only when I’m satisfied then I go and settle down other things. Man! I can’t believe I’m loosing my life! And I thought life is making sense? No way! *sigh*

p/s: confusing isn’t it? At first I said my life are full of colors and now its totally blank? I AM confused myself, so don’t bother.