Monday, 31 December 2007


i'm going back to my lovey dovey UM tonite..i can't believe how time flies very fast that i don't know what was my last blink is all about..i do know that dis new semester gonna be another stressful sem,sigh.. what the heck, i got night classes and even Saturday classes! what were they thinking?? i'm sure i will not be able to finish another single piece of classical material during this period..fwah! no novel in a year??? woww thats impressive!! du-uh! but i will find time if i'm not busy with the Bioinformatics-so-called-Secretary job (hope so)

hurm..the new schedule means i won't have much time spend with my newly adopted kittens. uh i haven't introduce them, have i? ok. i have this kittens which i adopt last two weeks. my passion with cats urge me to do so..this is much more to my parents disagreement because in my last time experience (3 years ago), i don't really took a good care of them since i'm always tell me, 5 years in Perak, 5 months in Johor, a year in Malacca..huh..then only i'm back in town..back then..i left Tobby which is missing in action (assumed dead), lost Kiko (kidnapped maybe coz he's soo cute), Putam, Koko..hell lot of name which i've forgotten.. now i'm away again for 6 days a week, and can only be home on Sunday if i'm lucky enough.. huaaa..mi Papa n mi Mama have start blabbering around coz it is as if i 'buat hal' again..i'm blaming my lil bro (poor him) coz he promised to take care of them for me while i'm not around since we both have a 'share' on both kittens..why can't i realize that that lil kiddo is too immature to keep his promises and very known for his irresponsible attitude. waaa what will happen to my Kiut n Miut?

p/s: a promise broken does not only broke a promise..this does not apply to my lil bro..that's too harsh!

oh dis is my lil adorable kittens pix..they're siamese..presentinggg Kiut & Miut!!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

10 Things I Hate About You

-i see that i haven't update my blog in a while. i was busy with my sissy's engagement (as if it were mine), setting up the house, accompany her shopping, buying stuff etc.sorry friends, i don't spend much time with u all, as far as all of us know, family comes first no matter what. i haven't got to take a full deep of breath to realize that my holidays will come to an end in not more than 10 days. and my exams results doesn't seem to be getting on my nerve (since its not being announced yet). argh i can't bear waiting!

-i've been downloading all the movies i missed during my old good days at school. believe me, at that time, i didn't care enough to go hangout with friends to watch a play while munching popcorns. and as far as i concern, there was whole loadss of interesting part of the world (the best they can offer) i left behind, which makes me looked a little bit old fashion (though i don't really care). just imagine, every time my friend ask me "have u watch this movie?" or "do you know this actor?", i hate to give a "NO" answer or making a dumb funny face. should i lie to make sense again and be normal? i hate that so much too. being pure and honest is much of my preference. uh i notice i use "hate" twice. its like that poem Julia Stiles read in the 10 Thing I Hate About You movie. haha. just watch that yesterday. can u believe that? oh my.. i have lots of movie to catch up with.

i don't actually do this to be normal and bright. i just wanna please myself. since i love arts, every movies i watched i took it as a piece of art and i burden myself quoting my favorite line. thats the best part of it. its fine with me to be taken back a bit. oh k. i need to do more catch up. i have a bunch of list. what..LOTR? POTC? hoho..but i'm more into The Neverending Story with the late Jonathan Brandis. i've to tell you its a matter of pressure and time (guess where i quoted that).

p/s: billions of thanks to my bestfriend for her recommended software to downloading those movies. i really appreciate it. *hugs*