Friday, 28 November 2008


"Do you catch a breath, when I look at you
Are you holding back, like the way I do
Cause I’m trying, trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain’t goin away, goin away"

i'm just quoting Crush by David Archuleta.
it really doesn't mean anything at all.
or it USED to have some meaning.
nice song. nice lyrics. n cute singer. ehe.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

...i heart DC...

oh no.
I've become so obsessed with Daniel Craig since I watch the new 007 series Quantum of Solace.
every time I saw his face on a commercial adverts I would stop for few seconds saying "oh oh he's so hot" [dalam ati je lar] In my eyes he's nothing near handsome compared to the previous 007, Pierce Brosnan, but he got this one kind of "machoness" that makes him even better than Pierce Brosnan.

[Daniel Craig - the new 007]

today I went to MidV with Along, Amir and Kak Afzan [Along's friend]. Amir was still doing his survey on Nokia N85 - which he intend to buy end of this year [using Mama's money of course]. So, I joined him cuci2 mata sambil berangan2 kalau2 aku dapat a brand new phone. hehe. suddenly my eyes caught an advert showing the handphone used by Daniel Craig in his new film. At that time I suddenly become like "oh oh. I want SE C902!!" but I still look for good specs okeh. and it was good!! please search for yourself k? I can only provide the pictures. Hehe.

[james bond limited edition titanium silver SE C902]

cantik kan? nak nak nak!! ada sesape nak hadiahkan? pleaseee..ehe..

and late this evening we went to Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. we bought it for 1/2 dozen. only after I've choosed all 6 pieces of donuts, guess what I see? "Moonraker - James Bond's favorite coco pops" haih.

[Moonraker - James' Bond favorite]

u should know what I do next rite? apa lagi? of course la I add another RM2 for that Moonraker! haha. ;D

highlight : if its really his favorite, then i must say he gotta good taste. wahaha. how do i get rid of this obsession? I heart DC!

Monday, 24 November 2008


I was craving for cheese cake. and there is some times when I was craving for something I intend to make it myself. so that was what I make yesterday - a cheese cake. this craving-thingy had happen lots of time (croissant bread, mashed potatoes, donuts, lasagna etc etc) and I usually show it to people when my attempts succeeded. so enjoy this picture!

[xde mixer.kene pakai tangan.angahhh pulangkan mixer!!]

[first time wat kek sendiri]

[hasilnya..leh la kan utk beginner..ngeh]

[adunan byk leh wat 2 loyang..yg ni bentuk love]

well. walaupun ini hasil kerja sebab mengidam, actually I'm doing this to show my love to my family and to cheer them up. since there left only me, Amir, Mama n Papa, I treasure lots of my quality time with them. despite the 4 of us are feeling happy for Along and Angah when they're facing their new phase of life, I know that somehow we felt "different", things are not the same anymore and I know that sooner or later, my turn will come (insyaAllah). so I don't want to waste any minute of my life making them sad, instead I want to always make them smile. and trying on my recipe is one of my way showing them my love.

and this is how we spent our supper last night. cheese cake and teh-o kurang manis. just perfect.

highlight : mama kata cheese cake rasa da ok. tp saya tak puas lagi sbb tak rasa cheese sgt. membayangkan cheese cake tu akan jadi cam moist2 cam kat kedai. takpe2.. lenkali try lg.. =)

Monday, 10 November 2008

...they touched my heart...

its 12.20 a.m.
I'm studying in the hall.
the TV's switched on playing Little Miss Sunshine.
I get distracted sometimes.
and suddenly my Papa came down
bringing his pillows and blanket saying
"Papa tido sini [depan TV, atas karpet] teman Abby blaja okey?"
oh oh.
after a few minutes
Mama came down
and take her place beside Papa.
oh oh oh oh
this just felt like the old time, when I was young
I was 13
and was sent to the boarding school
and never felt this ever since.
they don't need to do this actually
as I'm big enough to feel scared studying alone
but they really make me touched!
and I never felt happier =)

highlight :I should study and make my Mama and my Papa proud of me. kinda felt guilty for finishing the time to post this and letting them making their back aches sleeping on the hard floor, but it can't be helped.
they really touch my heart! luv u ma pa!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Life is about making decisions

Life is about making decisions.

I have been making tough decisions since I was a little kid.

Its has become like part of my life.

Those decisions about which school I should enter

About which university I should further my study

A decision about what course should I take

A decision about continuing to pursue my dreams or just forget about it

Decision on my life pathway

Decision on my future career

Decision about choosing one instead of the other [believe me..this happens quite for a few time]

Decision to safe one’s life or choose to be selfish [this is the hardest among all]

And yet, I still do not find an easier way to make a decision on a tough matter.

Decision which mistakes are not forgiven nor should it be regretted.

Now I’ve to make another decision on….'something' which they shouldn’t be revealed is for me to deal with it and for me face the outcome, but I must say this is quite a life-or-death decision.

All u have to do is just pray that I’m making the right choice.

I’m afraid though..No,No,No, I’m freaked out!

What if things go wrong after that? Oh oh.

Just pray for me.

To my dear self, be patient, be brave, hang in there~

Highlight : now I know how she feels about this