Monday, 19 March 2012

my monday

sometimes i feel like no one gets me.
sometimes i feel even I don't get myself.
yesterday i was sad and depressed.
went to bed early at eight thirty.
forcing my eyes to shut at that "odd" hour.
i didn't took my dinner even though i was so hungry.

when i woke up this morning, the feelings is still there.
i knew my Monday is ruined already.
then came this car that makes my Monday even worse.
he's driving at 20 km/h on the right lane!
i dare not do anything coz he's a large-sized "kellyNG".
thou i feel useless, i don't want to die fighting with people on the road. dem u "kellyNG"!
(seriously, don't tell u guys are not racist at times)

hey..... i don't feel like working anymore.
just about i'm getting some trust here, i suddenly had the idea of quitting.

what happened to me actually?! *feelingbrokenallthewaydown*

"I feel like I'm gonna disappear"

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